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Looking back in time, I see myself as a young boy working with machinery at our factory. Handling steel, setting machinery, supporting the assembly of lighting fittings.
I remember the operations we did in the mechanical workshop, a daily ritual who made possible to create unique PALAGI branded lighting items.

Those years helped me in knowing each production stage, every technical mechanism in order to have perfect fittings on board, the secrets of light and its extraordinary effect on yachts interior and exterior.

I can nowadays thank my father for granting me with this experience, and then assign me the company management and the responsibility to carry it worldwide, where technological innovation runs faster than ever.

Proud of the experiences and heritages of over 60 years activity, I am really glad to introduce the 2017-2018 edition of our catalogue, with all the new items and with our light fittings benchmark collection allowing our steady company growth.

Alessandro Palagi


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Palagi Marine Lights srl Unipersonale
Via dei Carpentieri, 75/77
55040 Capezzano Pianore
Camaiore (LU) - Italy


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